Cast : Rahman, Akil
Director : Ram Ok Chandran
Taste : Crime Thriller
12 months Introduced : 2017

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The an important and industry just right fortune of ‘Duruvangal 16’ is almost certainly the only reason the makers of ‘Pagadi Aattam’ got the courage to disencumber this message driven alternatively otherwise taxing take on way of living of recent youth.

Suriya (debutante) is the rich kid of Nizhalgal Ravi and Sudha who has a few girlfriends and is a certified in maintaining them unknown to each other. In one amongst his rendezvous with a lady, he is abducted by way of an unknown specific individual and is locked within a coffin like box. There is a cell phone in there and an individual calls him, reminding him of his earlier sins and Suriya guesses him to be a relative of a an innocent school girl Koushalya (debutante). The rest of the screenplay is whether or not or now not he is rescued and what happened to the girl.

The newcomer playing the villain Suriya is a smart to search out and would possibly make an affect if he’s going to get to function in upper movement photos. In a similar way the girl playing the innocent Kousalya is inconspicuous on the eye and brings to life a number one 12 months school student. Rahman for the reason that police officer and Gowri Nandha as the car motive force sister of the heroine do what is wanted of them.

For a screenplay that takes its private time to move track director Karthick Raja and the rest of the technical staff in conjunction with cinematographer Krishnakumar have done a fair procedure. Karthick has used his dad’s timeless antique “Ilayamayenum poongattre” sung by way of SPB throughout the length to an excellent affect. In a similar way the “Enna Enna Kanavu Kandayo” monitor from ‘Valli’ is used throughout the climax and it is on account of Ilayaraja’s voice we get to in point of fact really feel for what is going on on the show. Author-director Ram Adequate Chandran a felony skilled by way of profession, has tried to place throughout a message about how innocent girls destroy their lives trusting rich men and in addition the women who are amoral. On the other hand the screenplay, which has borrowed carefully from ‘Buried’ and ‘Vazhakku Earn 18/9’ is so tedious that even the relatively upper climax and a twist do not provide the desired affect.

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