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After participating in Dhanush’s brother in Velai Illa Pattadhari, Hrishikesh makes his debut as a lead actor with Rum, which has hit the shows today.

Rum is the most recent addition to the long, long checklist of horror comedy films in Tamil cinema. Vivek, Hrishikesh, Sanchita, Amzath and Arjun Chidambaram are a bunch of people who enjoyment of robbery movements for money. Situations pressure them to stay in a customer space, where they experience many unusual happenings. What is the explanation why for a large number of those happenings and why are the souls frustrating the ones five other folks? How are they hooked up to the ghosts? You’d get the way to a large number of those questions whilst you witness the film.

Hrishikesh who plays the lead could have emoted upper and worked on his expressions additional. Sanchita’s character has a lot much less scope to perform, even if she travels all over the film. Vivek has been the backbone of this movie on account of his comedy one-liners save the movie from its low moments. Miya George is to be had in an excessively transient serve as for about 15 to 20 minutes, while Narain, gets a meaty serve as to perform.

Talking about Vivek’s comedy, even if, it is enjoyable, it is sudden and unexpected to look double entendre dialogues coming from an professional artist like him. His one-liners on Vijay – Ajith fan struggle and meme creators earn massive applause from youngsters.

The initial moments throughout the film test your staying power, and likewise you should not have any clue on what’s going on. Easiest in opposition to the length, you get a clear symbol of the film, and the pre-interval portions set the ground for an interesting 2d section. You get to look why and the way in which the ghosts are hooked up to the heist gang, in the second section. The flashback portions are very so much predictable, which lower the film’s engagement. There are many cliched horror touches throughout the movie, like leap scares, doll sounds, power scale back, and so on and the U/A certification for the film may be justifiable.

Rum is Anirudh’s first horror enterprise and he has finished a decent procedure with the film’s songs and background ranking. While paying attention to audio, the monitor is pleasant and hummable, on the other hand whilst you listen it along side the film, there is no sync with the visuals. Visuals and edit could have been much more environment friendly on account of every don’t gel with every other.

Director Sai Bharath can also be most popular for not the usage of any slapstick comedies throughout the film, which is a fairly not unusual phenomenon in recent horror comedies. Alternatively, he’ll have worked additional on the screenplay, since the film lacks clarity and moves cluelessly in its initial moments.

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