Banner: Lyca Productions
Solid: Vijay Antony, Mia George, Thiagarajan, Sangili Murugan, G. Marimuthu, Charle, Prinz Nithik, Swaminathan
Trail: Jeeva Shankar
Production: A. Subaskaran
Song: Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony, who has the penchant for deciding on characters with a liberal dosage of grey has once over again lengthy long past for a tailor made one throughout the political thriller ‘Yaman’ directed by means of Jeeva Shankar which will have to indisputably have the benefit of the prevailing political scenario throughout the state.

Tamilarasan (Vijay Antony), is in search of money to save some his maximum cancers grandfather ( Sangili Murugan), sees eye to eye to consult with jail by means of accepting to take the blame for a drunken and tool coincidence. In jail, he meets with the main connection to a political web and from then on gets embroiled deep into it and the best way he emerges the victor forms the rest of the cleverly weaved intriguing screenplay.

Vijay Antony over again has carried out to his power and is uniformly very good as Tamilarasan whether it is showing his love to his grandfather, maintaining a dignified approach to lover Mia George or dealing fireside with fireside in his political ascendancy. He is specifically very good throughout the as regards to lifestyles like movement sequences. Mia George since the actress Ahalya as now not the rest so much to do except for for look beautiful standing beside the hero. The solo song and the duet she has with Vijay are two major irritants throughout the waft of the screenplay. Veteran Thiagarajan makes his presence felt since the seasoned politician while Arul Jothy since the minister Thangapandian makes a long lasting affect throughout the place. Charlie, Sangili Murugan, Swaminathan and all of the other actors have performed complete justice to their roles.

Jeeva Shankar has written and directed ‘Yaman’ and one can say that he has redeemed himself after his previous fiasco. His dialogues are the backbone of the film and are so relating to incontrovertible fact that each word spoken has the desired affect on the audiences. The screenplay, which moves at a slow pace remains to be attractive as a result of the clever use of betrayal as a motif during. The seize stroke is throughout the climax when the hero unknowingly avenges his father similtaneously he accomplishes the dream of each and every his father and grandfather. The serious virtual digicam art work by means of the director himself cleverly hides the low production values and the feeling that most effective the characters of ‘Yaman’ exist throughout the the city. Improving by means of Veera Senthil Raj is neat, although the main twenty minutes would possibly do with some trimming to make it additional peppy.

Vijay Antony the observe director has used his private “Mascara pottu mayakiriye’ song from ‘Salim’ throughout the background to very good affect while all of the songs in this movie are a huge disappointment. Excellent judgment takes a beating as it is extraordinarily now not going for a not unusual man casually coping with a ruling birthday party minister and getting away with it. The solo song and involving Mia George and the duet may also be removed to save some the objective marketplace from a lot of pain.

Verdict: Go for it to have a look at a maximum regularly attractive and intriguing political thriller that has come on the right kind time.

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